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  • 1/6 14:48Lol really?
  • 1/6 14:45Bwahahahahahahaa
  • 1/6 14:44Lol cuz islanders say ur "red" if u have light skin 😩
  • 1/6 14:42RT @CharnellMinajP: @NICKIMINAJ Tell us more Nic!!! 😁
  • 1/6 14:41Yes. In Trinidad my nickname was REDZ... 😩 one uncle still calls me that HAHA!
  • 1/6 14:37All my drama teachers in HS called me Cookie. My friend had an older sister named Cookie. she was mad pretty & fly. So I called myself that
  • 1/6 14:34RT @EudTMSpain: @NICKIMINAJ We know that babe
  • 1/6 14:34No. My name is Onika. My nickname was Cookie. And my stage name is Nicki. My HS friends still say Cookie. Even Thembi. My best friend...cray
  • 1/6 14:30He said: "cookie, you're so animated" And I just looked at him like 😳...
  • 1/6 14:27And then I looked in the mirror to find out what ppl were seeing. Cuz I didn't realize I was doing that. 😩
  • 1/6 14:23When I was 14 a popular drama major name Leo told me I was animated. I ran away to find out what that meant. Never knew ppl thought that...
  • 1/6 14:16U know me well nas
  • 1/6 14:14U aggy or nah? 😂😂😂😂😂
  • 1/6 14:13Family😁🙏🙌 runner up word would be: hilarious
  • 1/6 14:12😂
  • 1/6 14:12😩
  • 1/6 14:10Ummmm I've given u a billion pics in the last 3 days 😩👶😁
  • 1/6 14:08Back on set and happy to be here. Such an interesting experience. 😊 #Barbershop3
  • 1/6 07:04Love my baby ❤️