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  • 24/1 19:57The #1 moscato for a reason. #MyxMoscato to find a store near you. myxfusions
  • 23/1 02:59Just posted a photo
  • 23/1 02:55Just posted a photo
  • 22/1 23:28I know you're out there
  • 22/1 19:45Every woman should have this one. #Onika
  • 22/1 01:11👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😩
  • 22/1 01:03RT @YungTwistedBarb: She just gonna announce to the world that she called a fan and then not expect us to get a little tight behind that? S…
  • 22/1 01:02Lol yea nelly do it while I'm in a "good" mood. Wink wink. Flying high in the sky
  • 22/1 00:59RT @PassyMama: Nic you knew sayin you called someone would send everyone in a damn frenzy. 😩😩😩
  • 22/1 00:55I just called one of my fans on the phone in front of Thembi, she looked at me like she saw a ghost. LOL!!!!!! I love my babies 😩❤️🙌🙌🙌🙌
  • 22/1 00:44RT @kieya13: @NICKIMINAJ ur a big part of why I'm n college today cuz U motivate me to be the best I can be and I thank you cuz not that ma…
  • 22/1 00:38Go to college and put a lot of thought into your career my darlings. Think long and hard. Pauz
  • 22/1 00:33RT @SHADYSHANGHVI: Artists must really love what they do because there's no way in hell im spending weeks in the studio & get that.
  • 22/1 00:30RT @RejectBarb: @NICKIMINAJ I love you for always speaking the truth! Things other artists wouldn't dream of bringing up, too scared but si…
  • 22/1 00:25RT @RejectBarb: The fat cats reaping all the benefits while the people who actually put in the work don't get what they deserve...
  • 22/1 00:23RT @KingCaIeb: She be dropping mad hints about how messed up the industry is & only the smart ones pick them up
  • 22/1 00:23RT @thedailyarse: RT @Kayaaa_ox: If yall don't see the significance of the picture to what she said then idk what to tell u.