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  • 19/10 09:59After arriving back in Milan I woke up at 5am to clear my head. This is where I've ended up 1500m up in Switzerland http://t.co/5rYrJpKWcy
  • 11/10 21:13... So please just check before, doing the deed. That would be a little embarrassing (for me)
  • 11/10 21:12To the girl who waited outside the LA studio for me to write lyrics down for a tattoo; warning I think I might have made a spelling mistake!
  • 9/10 19:42In other news, my nephew has teeth. Two little mean looking ones... I have a new album he has new teeth
  • 9/10 19:37Wakin up. Coffee, coffee again and head to the studio for the last two days of work with Greg Wells on the album. Almost there...
  • 5/10 21:10If only this had been explained to me in this way at school; page 1, Sapiens by Noah Harari http://t.co/cUJMZjfFLH
  • 1/10 23:52RT @SarahHudsonuvs: I think I found the black Beatle.... @iCoffeejr !! Right @mikasounds ?!
  • 1/10 09:57Remarkable, especially from the BBC and a story I have heard many times over in different versions http://t.co/D79LLskNrR RT
  • 1/10 09:02"Bunny rabbits" first of the month 🐇🐇
  • 1/10 08:24Break from studio. Dancing at Clean Bandit gig. Loved it @cleanbandit
  • 28/9 18:18My brother's friend sat in that seat last night by coincidence and sent him a pic ;)
  • 28/9 18:18This has to be one of the coolest things anyone has ever done for me. It's a seat at the Royal Opera House in London http://t.co/1vVlB2HugP
  • 25/9 22:07RT @XFactor_Italia: La versione italiana di “Lollipop” cantata da @mikasounds e @Fedez diretti da @InArteMorgan è la nostra nuova suoneria!…
  • 23/9 21:10I haven't forgotten how to speak English, am just in auto correct hell
  • 23/9 20:51Back in the studio in LA with Greg Wells works no in the fourth album and our fourth album together! Crazy to think http://t.co/SFqt2AeiiP

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Au début de l’année 2011, Mika a fait ses bagages et s’est envolé à Montréal pour y enregistrer son troisième album. Soucieux de se débrouiller tout seul, il est parti sans plan précis, avec juste son cumul de miles et son imagination en poche. Sur ses deux précédents opus Mika avait bouclé un aspect parfaitement limpide de son univers, un microcosme plein de ballons et de guirlandes électriques avec ses personnages animés (à tous les sens du terme) d’une naïveté puérile. Sa musique, qui...

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