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  • 10:28Even down to Warren G!!! Rappers as famous politicians. <3 the Bill/Hillary combo :)
  • 10:02"Ain't nobody got time for that" I know I'm always going to put out bad work but I really really don't…
  • 10:01Eva Hesse, Untitled. 1966. Brown ink with wash. 350 x 273 mm
  • 01:27what happened to his last works? did they all go to the IRS? +tid bits about Basquiat's relationship w/ his family.
  • 17/4 22:12I can't believe they kept these! #tbt #oldposters
  • 17/4 22:09#tbt my sister and brother in law keep the prints of my first posters that they had mounted years ago.…
  • 17/4 16:58RT @DJCPI: New on the wall: new album from @miellaveaux
  • 17/4 08:20This was posted inside a bus shelter. My asthmatic lungs were quite elated.…
  • 17/4 08:18Her kinks x her crown. Ophélia lives with a tiara on her head and deep pride of her hair. She sings…
  • 16/4 14:59Story of my life
  • 16/4 14:58I should've applied to and attended Spellman
  • 16/4 14:42#regram from @victoirelovesya ummmm I am so tempted to get this... But the Ike and Tina lyrics make me…
  • 16/4 14:34I've only been here one night and I already miss having a tube station dearly. It's gonna make it extra hard to visit any and all of you.
  • 16/4 14:32I will let that style because she's cute and I love her to death and I want to encourage her breathing honesty. #lasttweet
  • 16/4 14:32Niece woke up just when i arrived to give me a big hug, say how much she missed me and ask "why did you do that to your hair?" #HonestChild
  • 16/4 00:55watch "Inside Llewyn Davis" AFTER "20 Feet From Stardom", you'll think "lazy ass beatniks! At least Phil Spektor +co wast stealing from you"
  • 15/4 23:33RT @dodigier: Mélissa Laveaux et Hugh Coltman en Session Paradiso
  • 15/4 15:06RT @Schiphol: @miellaveaux but of course we do! We are a Dutch Airport :-). Have a beautiful day! ^KH
  • 15/4 14:37They actually sell tulips... @ Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • 15/4 14:27Adventures at Schipol Airport (Amsterdam) - is border always this brutally honest?...