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  • 17:24RT @Hyken: What Lady Gaga Can Teach You About Creating A Following via @FastCompany
  • 12:01I've been so overwhelmed by the amazing fans waiting outside the hotel everyday. I've rested up+ready to make u scream!
  • 10:42#artRAVEMelbourne let's getter done ravers! Grab a drink and all your friends it's time to celebrate!
  • 10:38RT @HausofSib: "@ARTPOPUpdate: Monsters are ready! #artRAVEMelbourne @ladygaga" I love seeing monters all dressed up!
  • 03:33RT @HausOfFranco: Cheek To Cheek Talent. @ladygaga 👀😍
  • 02:45Lip syncing to my own renditions , I couldn't sleep and wouldn't sleep. Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered.
  • 22/8 13:34RT @lewisxgaga: @ladygaga Jazz is my dad's favorite genre and Tony is his favorite artist! It's amazing to listen to #CheekToCheek together…
  • 22/8 13:01You can find many versions of these songs online, but the best way is to buy vinyl. Much is not available digitally. And the crackle IS :)
  • 22/8 12:58‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love was Written by Jimmy McHugh (music) + Dorothy Fields (lyrics) in 1929, both songs are on Cheek To Cheek.
  • 22/8 12:54Anything Goes was written by Cole Porter in 1934, Cole Porter was and is widely known as one of the greatest jazz lyricists ever.
  • 22/8 12:52For those monsters who wanna learn more about jazz I thought as the song come out I'd tell you about them.

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