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  • 04:35RT @PBS: Did #CheektoCheekPBS help bring down Twitter? Sorry!
  • 04:14. @AmyGrimesSux so happy, a most beautiful feeling
  • 03:47I am more proud of the TV special than I could possible express, what am incredible evening #CheektoCheekPBS
  • 03:45ahh this one is SWINGIN let's face the music and dance #CheektoCheekPBS
  • 03:42I love when Tony Sings this song for me, it gets me every time. that's me just a sophisticated lady #CheektoCheekPBS
  • 03:35Ok here we go Lush Life
  • 03:33I love this arrangement so much. I Can't Give You Anything But Love. What a moment this is for me personally, I'm so grateful
  • 03:29Dance Tony Dance! I love when he dances he's so charming!
  • 03:24I love this song! FIREFLY
  • 03:19Now time for Bang Bang #CheektoCheekPBS
  • 03:19Ladies and Gentlemen. Spectacular performance of "How Do You Keep The Music Playing" Tony is brilliant! #CheektoCheekPBS
  • 03:16RT @holyh00ker: Did you ever get emotional at all while singing any of these songs? #CheektoCheekPBS @ladygaga
  • 03:15RT @GagaSlaysUU: @ladygaga what was your favorite song to perform? #CheektoCheekPBS
  • 03:11Nature Boy, wow this is so wonderful to watch.
  • 03:09Boy am I in heaven watching this special! I love singing with Tony! I love watching it back and reliving the whole thing!
  • 03:05Were on! Anything Goes! #CheektoCheekPBS
  • 02:27RT @MakeCoreyStop: Me, my mom, my grandma, AND my great grandma are all gonna watch Tony&Gaga on #CheektoCheekPBS tonight! 4 generations, 2…
  • 02:26I'll be tweeting live the whole show, to get my attention for a question hashtag #CheekToCheekPBS we're so excited!

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