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  • 25/1 23:11Lower Eastside Yoga. The only sandwich I'll be eating today is this one. 💦💧
  • 25/1 23:11Time to tell last nights pizza whose boss. Yoga with @triciadonegan #findthepinkdrop
  • 25/1 18:51#WhiteGirlWastedNYC Martinis & Fake Fur equal my highschool BESTIES
  • 24/1 00:59Till It happens to you, you don't know how it feels.
  • 23/1 20:27The film documents the lives of young people affected by rape. Our song is called "Till It Happens To You."
  • 23/1 20:21Recorded a song w/ amazing @Diane_Warren for very important doc #TheHuntingGround that premieres at Sundance today! Congrats 2 all involved!
  • 23/1 01:09Watch Abbi dance naked on @broadcity to "The Edge of Glory" if only I'd been there to join in the nakedness
  • 23/1 01:01Ok Abbi dancing to "The Edge of Glory" naked on my favorite show @broadcity is the greatest thing that's ever happened.
  • 22/1 10:01🌹Nothing like a Wednesday night bro-down with the beautiful Adele.
  • 21/1 19:00No happier me than waking up with the sunshine in my face after a night of writing songs. In my mind,…
  • 20/1 03:50So important for monsters to protect & love each other during very violent times. Be brave & kind, teach equality to those around you. #MLK
  • 20/1 03:43Happy #MartinLutherKingDay A man who showed so much compassion. May we be reminded of his message & empower it today. With equal justice.
  • 20/1 00:35Another morning of Pilates and rock n roll with my trainer!! Body by @sloaner7 Dear Sloan, thank you…
  • 19/1 05:02When I write songs, I put these two beautiful sketches Tony made for me on the piano. They remind me…
  • 18/1 18:32RT @UKMonster: Billboard's Best Music Videos of the past 4 decades. Gaga is #1 in the 2000s and 2010s with Bad Romance and Telephone http:/…
  • 17/1 06:55RT @lakerfans32: Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga’s Pumps Part of Extended High Heel Exhibit – DNAinfo
  • 17/1 01:06Thats me + mom really tiny in the back w/ all the wonderful members of our @BTWFoundation lunch. Thank u for coming!
  • 17/1 00:36Gay marriage is headed to the SUPREME COURT. Lets get ready to rumble. Raise your voices, share your stories. You deserve justice. #equality

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