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  • 16/7 18:48Just finished mixing the 4th track on the new ep.. Excited about getting them out there now!
  • 8/7 12:10All I need to do now is make a high-end music video with an iPhone 4 and a bit of imagination...
  • 7/7 12:03Angry-sounding seagulls all over my roof #hitchcock
  • 6/7 23:12Listening to my own barely adequate vocals over and over for hours on end is starting to melt my brain #headfuck
  • 3/7 12:09Big up Planet Earth.. It's another beautiful day.
  • 2/7 18:19I just found this great interview with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem from a couple of years ago.It's equally... http://t.co/x3r8G3vjOq
  • 6/6 16:17New project and new EP coming soon. More to follow...
  • 1/3 16:00Nice promo for my friends abstract R&B project... http://t.co/IqxU28krRA
  • 13/8 15:49Great video by some friends of mine @LTMDTW http://t.co/shFA2Z2L64
  • 23/3 11:30I love robots. They always remind me of what we thought the future would be like in the past. Check this out.. http://t.co/PmBiZk2NWE