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  • 30/10 21:12SO..here is the artwork to my new single...'Body Talk' .. can't wait for you to hear it http://t.co/gXZlH08KIi
  • 27/10 19:28new music ready for you...
  • 25/10 18:51eating pretzels and music making with my dude Ryan Tedder Love to the @OneRepublic guys x http://t.co/xuk5aqBB3i
  • 24/10 21:52with my buddy @GuenaLG http://t.co/uYz0wXN7N4
  • 19/10 17:21eating a muffin that looks like a dog http://t.co/fF8Z1CCV2T
  • 18/10 19:53this is gonna be fun to play with my buddy's @maroon5 & @OneRepublic next week in Paris! thx to @NRJhitmusiconly http://t.co/VHAdNkjwIE
  • 17/10 18:18different is attractive.
  • 14/10 16:22what an amazing label @cherrytreerec is 10years old! proud to be a part of the tree! congrats chief @MKCherryBoom http://t.co/cEW1EGJb3V
  • 13/10 00:11childhood is like being drunk. everyone remembers what you did, except you. damn.
  • 12/10 10:46this will make you laugh...look closely http://t.co/CKqdF4EZGC
  • 11/10 22:44back stage @ night for life concert. for a real good cause. on stage soon http://t.co/26iogKO3d6
  • 11/10 16:22hello hello. on my way to play in Metz, France. 'Night for life' show. see you there friends x http://t.co/VIW2NXSUkT
  • 9/10 19:14Throwback...2007, a young me playing my first headliner at London's bush hall. Hehe http://t.co/anKqdTp4o3
  • 8/10 18:33for those asking..the december 8th show with Julian Casablanca's is NOT happening. sorry for this confusion. shows are planned i promise x
  • 8/10 17:22finished my new record today. from the gorgeous countryside of amersham, england. can't wait for you to hear it! http://t.co/iqqEsFpdq6
  • 29/9 16:08I get insanely uncomfortable when people have their own selfies as their phone wallpaper. 😣



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